Bruce Lee’s Classical Mess:

Bruce’s Classical Mess: Cleaning up the Mess the “Little Dragon” Left Behind By Hawkins Cheung, as told to Robert Chu in “Inside Kung-Fu” February 1992 Bruce’s sudden death left behind a classical mess. We can’t deny the impact that Bruce had. Eighteen years since Bruce’s passing, and hundreds of martial artists are still trying to[…]

Wing Chun Hei Gung

Wing Chun Hei Gung It is said in wing chun kuen that one must “eat well and moderate lust; quiet the heart and conserve the hei “. While these ideals are all fairly typical in the Chinese martial world, and the first three are pretty self-explanatory, one may wonder how does wing chun kuen specifically[…]

Daoist Breathing Techniques

Daoist Breathing Techniques   by Zhou, Xuan-Yun, May 20, 2009    It is common knowledge that eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly is needed to have a healthy and strong body. Without exercise, the general condition of the body suffers. Without a healthy diet, we lack the calories and nutrients we need for physical[…]