The History of Wing Chun.

There are many oral traditions that express the origins of Wing Chun. Very little can be exactly qualified by modern historical evidence. However, what is most certain agreed upon, by all That study and practice Wing Chun, is that Wing Chunoriginated in the Southern Shaolin Temple.

The dates of its origins vary Greatly, though it is accepted that it was initially created sometime in the late 1600’s.
Some say that a woman created the system, though there is not one thread of evidence that this is the case. Some say she saw a fight between a snake and crane and that this is where she discovered how to fight. Again this kind of story is simply myth and fantasy.

The truth of Wing Chun’s history is that it was created to aid in training a force of rebel troups to fight against the formation of the Qing Dynasty. It was developed by the head masters of the southern Shaolin Temple, the heads of the Ming Dynasty military, and supporters of the Ming Royal family. They met in secret in the Weng Chun Tong (The Eternal Spring time Hall) and opened the doors to what was supposed to become the best of the best of all the martial art systems. One master system, no longer based on the movements or immitaions of an animal, but strictly based on the reality of the physical world and the nature of time, space and energy as it relates to life and death in combat.

Written by Sifu Andy Diguiseppi.