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Question and Answer with Wong Shun Leung

Questions and Answers Picture Source: http://phbvingtsun.site40.net/html/wong_shun_leung_.html Master Wong Shun Leung, can you comment on some of the fights you won? When we won in a fight, we weren’t always happy just to win. We tried to figure out how to win in a better and more economical way. The best is always if only a

An Interview with Yuen Yim Keung

Yester year Ving Tsun by Yuen Yim Keung     Photo Source: http://www.cnvt.com/wingchun/photo-1.htm After the untimely death of the Great Master Wong Shun Leung, an enormous hole has been left, as the guidence of the fatherly figure is no longer there. There was an air of sadness that affected myself as I walked in to

Bruce Lee Discovers Jeet Kuen Do

Hawkins and Bruce meet up again in the middle Bruce Lee Discovers Jeet Kuen Do: Bruce Lee went back to Hong Kong to learn more from his teacher, the great Yip Man. He returned to the United States with a new art called Jeet Kune Do. By Hawkins Cheung, as told to Robert Chu First

Juvenile Delinquents named Bruce Lee and Hawkins Cheung

A couple of “juvenile delinquents” named Bruce Lee and Hawkins Cheung roamed the streets of Hong Kong, picking fights, having fun and refining their martial arts techniques. By Hawkins Cheung, as told to Robert Chu, in “Inside Kung-Fu” November 1991 Hawkins Cheung began his training in 1953 under the late grandmaster Yip Man. He attended

Bruce Lee’s Classical Mess:

Bruce’s Classical Mess: Cleaning up the Mess the “Little Dragon” Left Behind By Hawkins Cheung, as told to Robert Chu in “Inside Kung-Fu” February 1992 Bruce’s sudden death left behind a classical mess. We can’t deny the impact that Bruce had. Eighteen years since Bruce’s passing, and hundreds of martial artists are still trying to

An Interview with Sifu Ho Kam Ming

An Interview With Ho Kam Ming During his first visit to the United States (May 1989) Wing Chun master Ho Kam Ming provided invaluable insights which clarified numerous aspects of Wing Chun Kung Fu. During a two day seminar in Tucson, Arizona, master Ho warmly received questions for about eight hours. With more than sixty

Wing Chun Hei Gung

Wing Chun Hei Gung It is said in wing chun kuen that one must “eat well and moderate lust; quiet the heart and conserve the hei “. While these ideals are all fairly typical in the Chinese martial world, and the first three are pretty self-explanatory, one may wonder how does wing chun kuen specifically

The Hidden Power of Siu Nim Tao, by Tsui Sheung Tin

The Hidden Power of Siu Nim Tau. by Tsui Sheung Tin My master Yip Man first started teaching Ving Tsun in Hong Kong at the Restaurant Worker’s Union Association. At the time I was the secretary of the association, so Master Yip and I had many opportunities to be together. Before I became interested in

Daoist Breathing Techniques

Daoist Breathing Techniques   by Zhou, Xuan-Yun, May 20, 2009    It is common knowledge that eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly is needed to have a healthy and strong body. Without exercise, the general condition of the body suffers. Without a healthy diet, we lack the calories and nutrients we need for physical

A Resource For Studying Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu 詠春拳

Welcome to Chi Sao.comThe very best resource for studying Wing Chun.  We all know the tale of the nun Ng Mui observing a fight between a snake and crane, devising a whole new fighting style from this experience. It often amazes me how many take it as an actual historical event. Of course, the story